5 Axis Plasma Cutting MachineCybernetic offer low cost 5 axis CNC machines for Plasma cutting. With swivel and tilt axis, the machine can maneuver the plasma torch in all directions enabling to cut the part in single setting. It can also cut bevels

Cybernetic Announces Special Year end discount for 2 Spindle PCB drilling and routing machines booked before March 31, 2019. Contact for further details:

Manual depaneling or parting of populated circuit boards is always problematic as the circuit board material is not suitable for manual parting. There is always a possibility of dimensional errors creeping in. Our CNC machines offer very easy solutio

Cybernetic offer numerous combinations of linear slides for automation of tasks like welding, drilling, dispensing, screwing, joining, parting and pick and place application. There are numerous possibilities and combinations available. For demo an

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